Music with my daughter, nice morning, cat training prep

Tonight when I was hugging Hazel good night after lights-out, she whispered to me, “Mama, can we play a duet together tomorrow?” I am so lucky! I need to crystallize that moment so it stays close enough to the surface of my memory to be easily recalled. She also asked me if she could play her pieces for my student and her mom at the end of her (my student’s) lesson. She did, and went through them very well. She’s really getting herself into good shape for Saturday. I’m proud of her.

Today I managed to have a pretty lazy, long morning even with the twins. They played, I talked to my mom, took a shower, ate breakfast. We went for a walk to pick up the car and then to go get Hazel at her summer school. She wanted to show her sisters to her teacher, so we found the Maestra, who is so friendly and warm, and who said that Hazel had been telling her about her sisters. She told me how sweet Hazel is. We walked back to the car all holding hands. Emily wanted Hazel to pick her up at one point, and so Hazel carried her for part of a block while I carried Joanna. Let’s hear it for wonderful sibling relationships!

This afternoon I went to the pet store after Ted got home and got a couple of collars for the cats, along with treats, a couple of clickers with which to train them (with cats, it’s all about treats), a couple of big bags of freeze-dried chicken (which turned out not to interest Pepper at all: we’ll have to try some other varieties to find one he likes), a couple of wand toys, food & litter. We are going to start on a campaign to get the cats used to collars and to the tracking device, and then we will see what happens. It feels good to have a plan.

After I taught I went up to participate in bedtime. After Ted read a book and we sang, Emily came over and pointed at the nursing pillow and asked, “Nurse? nurse?” I have a feeling she’s discovered it’s a delaying tactic, as she sometimes resists going to sleep. But I’ll take it. Joanna joined in, so I got that nice moment of connection with both of them tonight.

Once Ted and I were both downstairs we got the cat supplies out. Jasmine is a treat hound, but Pepper was uninterested. We’ll keep working on it.


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