Transition week from preschool to summer camp

This is a week of transitions. Today was the last day my nanny J is going to be with us for a while, as she’s taking a couple of weeks vacation. We will miss her!

Today was the first day of Hazel’s summer camp. I dropped her off, filling out the forms & signing her in. Her teacher came out to greet her and struck just the right note of friendliness without pushiness. Hazel went off with her reasonably comfortably. It was a very different first day than her first day of preschool 2.75 years ago. Hazel’s much more experienced at the whole school scene now.

Tonight was the end-of-year picnic for Hazel’s preschool. She only has two more days there, so hard to believe! She ran around with her school posse, eating and playing and having a grand time. The twins mostly hung out with us, but did some exploring too. We got some time to talk to other parents of kids at the school. It was a very enjoyable evening. On our way back to the car Hazel and I diverted to the big hill. She wanted us both to roll down it, which I wouldn’t do, preferring to keep my dinner inside my stomach, but I ran up to the top with her, and then ran back down in front of her to take a video of her roll down. Then she ran up and down it again. Hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight.

When we got back home I saw that the back door was open and the screen door was ajar. I was sure that we’d lost both cats. But Pepper was still here, and when I went outside to look for Jasmine, I found her next door, and she came to me when I bent down and held out my hand. Thank goodness. We’d be crying tonight if we’d lost her.

Instead, we’re just tired. But that’s par for the course. 🙂


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