water table, family’s return

Today my nanny and I got the water table out from the basement and set it up on the sidewalk for the twins to play in and with. Being a nice sunny day, this was a big hit. I brought a step stool out, and Emily took great delight in going up the steps, getting in, climbing out, and repeating endlessly.

Then I had a rehearsal with my two students in preparation for their recital, during which Ted and Hazel got back from their trip away. Then there was a parenting meeting, during which we split up so the moms could have a (partial) night out and the dads could have a meeting. And then Ted and I had a bit of time off while we still had childcare.

So we went out for a bit to eat and then came home to rearrange our furniture, because, as Ted said, it’d been at least 3 months since the last go-round. (I think he’s being generous.) The TV is now back on the main floor so we can watch movies at night if we want to. I am writing this blog post now, after we’ve done tasks, so that the last thing we do before going upstairs to sleep is spend time together. This means that I’m less likely to get stuck on the computer at night (which leads to bad sleep habits), and we’ll have more of a chance to talk and connect. All good things. Oh, and since we have the couch configured as a daybed (we never put it back together after my f-i-l left), the cats can more easily hang out with us too.

So, off I go to do that.


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