students’ recital prep, 2-y-o twins’ well-child appointment, early baby pics

Today my two students who are giving a joint recital had an overlap lesson so they could work on the duet they’re going to play. It made for a late night, but it was fun. They’re both good cellists, and play well together. I’m looking forward to their show!

This morning I posted a few pictures of the twins back when they were newborns. The difference is astounding. They were so tiny. It took a while for them to even get on the growth chart at all. This morning at their 2-year-old well-child appointments we weighed them. Emily is now in the 3rd percentile for height, the 2nd for weight, and the 64th for head circumference. Big noggin. šŸ™‚ Joanna is in the 14th percentile for height, the 4th for weight, and 36th for head circumference. They’re growing well. They’re still behind on some of their milestones, but they are progressing, and I’m not worried, and neither is their doctor.

I find it funny that Joanna’s half-inch of height on Emily gains her 11 percentile points. Just goes to show how limited in use the stats are. They can give you a picture, some interesting data, but mostly what I’m looking at is that they’re growing, they’re engaging, they’re eating well and they’re vigorous and progressing.

It is also amazing to look at the photo of me from the beginning of my 36th week. My belly is enormous, staggeringly huge. I remember that it was hard to walk from one room to another. When you’re pregnant and they’re measuring your belly, it’s expected that you’ll, very roughly, get to the number of centimeters that you are weeks along. So in an average pregnancy, that means your belly would be about 40 centimeters at the time of birth. Mine was over 50, and my babies were small. Had I made it the full 40 weeks, possibly I would have been unable to raise myself from the couch unaided. The human body is wonderful in its varied and powerful capacities. I am so happy that I was able to carry the twins as long as I did, and happy they’re healthy and going strong. And I’m proud of myself for walking from the car to the hospital, from the entrance up to the intake room, and from the intake room to my room. I didn’t want to be pushed in a wheel chair. I went slowly, stopping to breathe when I needed to.

That’s a good lesson for life.


5 thoughts on “students’ recital prep, 2-y-o twins’ well-child appointment, early baby pics

  1. Rebekah says:

    I like the comparisson to breathing in pregnancy and breathing in life. Sometimes I think I got pregnant unexpected with our four child to teach me this. It is the first pregnancy that I have managed to sit back and let others help me and take care of me. It is not always easy, but I am learning.

    Most people think I am having twins. I’m not. My stomach is just so big due to the fact that 1. it is my fourth pregnancy and 2. I have an umbilica hernia of the worst kind. Maybe that was too much info but it is the truth.

    Have a nice day.

    • cellocatnw says:

      I hope your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible. The hernia sounds like a lot of no fun at all. It’s great that you’re letting others help you. Sometimes that’s so necessary!

      Take care.

      • Rebekah says:

        Thank you. I’m not even sure if that is the correct turm for what I have, but it is what the dictionary translation said. I only know the correct term in German because that is where I live. But it is basically a splitting of the belly button and abdomen muscals. Kind of dangerous, becuase it just gets worse with another pregnancy.

        I am not allowed to pick up heavy thing. So changing a two year olds diaper is difficult. Or getting him to come in when I am tired. I can’t just pick him up. So yes, help is a must. I’m not even allowed to do Laudry, the full baskets and bending are to heavy/ to much.

        Did I mention I already have three children? Which means lots of washing and lots of help.

        Much love to you. Have a nice day.

      • cellocatnw says:

        I have had the separation of the abdominal muscles too. The thing which has helped me most is Pilates, after the pregnancy. Having a regular weekly private appointment made a huge difference in my recovering from the twin pregnancy. It’s not back to the way it was, but I feel strong again.

        Not being able to pick up your toddler is so awful. You can’t explain it, but the tasks have to be done. I’m so sorry you’re in that position. How far along are you in the pregnancy?

        I hope you’ve been having a reasonable weekend!

        Take care

      • Rebekah says:

        So you know how it is. Pilates sounds like a good idea. I’ve been told that I’m only allowed to do diagonal crunches, at least in the beginning. And before I am allowed to do that I must strengthen the ”lower” muscles (if you get my drift).

        I’m grateful to have a husband that is taking over most everything and a friend who is helping me around the house. I also have very nice nieghbors who help pick up the children from school.

        I’m using this time to write. I see it as a blessing. I’ve needed a break for years and never allowed myself to have one. God new what he was doing when he allowed this pregnancy. I did bot plan on becoming pregnant.

        I was thinking about going back to school. We were even considering moving to the USA closer to my family. Either of these two things would have ment more work for me. So I’m just trying to see the possitive side, that I am a finally learning to take a needed break and ask for help.

        Have a nice day and thank you for caring.

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