A relaxed and productive day

Ahhh, downtime. I was wound fairly tightly this morning, as a result of many nights of bad sleep, a migraine, and very little downtime lately. But since this week is during my nanny’s summer break, she is coming a few more hours than usual, and arrived early enough today that she could take over from Ted and I could chill by myself in my bedroom. I got to spend quite a while working on photos, reading, relaxing, and generally not being responsible for anyone else. Additionally, Ted did a bunch of laundry today. And now the bedroom is not a growing morass of clothing, and there are clothes to be put away. I feel I could float away on a bubble of lavender-scented laundry detergent.

This afternoon I put the twins down for their nap after my nanny had left for the day. I asked them if they wanted to nurse. Emily declined, but Joanna said she wanted to, and once she was on Emily changed her mind. They fell asleep on my breast, for which I was extremely grateful, because it was easy to transfer them to their beds. Hazel was already asleep in the yellow room when I came down, so I was able to start reorganizing our Flickr site.

I am very excited to be beginning to catch up with my photos. I was extremely organized with them for the first 4 years of motherhood, but once the twins were six months old that all came crashing down around my overwhelmed ears. But one folder at a time, I will get them sorted, edited, culled, uploaded, and secondarily backed up (the folders are already backed up on Carbonite – I learned that lesson in the horrible hard-drive crash of 2013).

Hazel and I have been doing a pretty good job of practicing this past week, and she had an excellent piano lesson this afternoon. She nailed two of her three recital pieces, and did well on the third. We’ll keep doing them every day so she has a good shot at feeling confident on the day of the recital. We will also continue to work on the idea of bowing, and then, hopefully, the act of bowing. So far I’ve gotten a Joanna-like head/upper torso nod. And since she seemed to benefit from her teacher’s singing along with her, I have memorized the tune (with no effort – it’s an ear worm) and the words (that doesn’t come naturally to me) of the song that’s still harder for her, and I can sing it with her. On the way home from her lesson I sang it with lots of different lyrics, making her giggle and ask for increasingly odd topics for it.

Tonight I got some writing done, and then did some more photo work.

It’s been a wonderful day.


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