Twins’ 2nd birthday

Today was the twins’ 2nd birthday. I moved my morning lesson so that my nanny and I could take them out for a birthday adventure. When we took them upstairs to find clothes, they chose two of Hazel’s dresses. We put pants on them too, as it was pretty cold and wet in the first half of today. We delighted in the combinations of flowers and stripes and animals, the greens and reds and blues together. After we got shoes on them I worried that Joanna’s red ladybug shoes were too small, and took them off. The resulting crying was tragic in nature, and so I put them back on her. As long as she’s not uncomfortable in them, that’s what counts.

We didn’t bother with the stroller today, and so we didn’t get very far. But that’s why it’s great to have a membership at the zoo. That way it doesn’t matter how many times or for how long we go to the zoo, or how many animals we see when we’re there. We can feel free to linger and observe. We spent a while looking at a jaguar. Fish, poison dart frogs, and birds also were the objects of extended scrutiny. It was great to have the two of us, because I didn’t have to be constantly watching two toddlers heading in opposite directions, and they could be walking and exploring on their own two feet instead of cooped up in a stroller.

They fell asleep on the way home. It was that awkward amount, not enough to be fully and deeply out, but too much to easily wake up and have lunch. I decided to risk just taking them upstairs and putting them down. Unfortunately, what happened is that Joanna woke up and Emily stayed asleep. A long period of hemming and hawing followed. Ultimately, J was able to get lunch into Joanna and get her down, and, stupendously miraculously, Emily stayed asleep through the process of getting Joanna to sleep.

I had two lessons to teach this evening, followed by piano practice with Hazel, followed by a small birthday party for the twins. I came up after Hazel and I went over her music, and cooked up some pesto meatballs, cauliflower, and kale; easy and super yummy fare. We had dinner with a couple of our dear friends and our two fantabulous regular nannies. For the candle-bearing part of the proceedings, I cut up several bananas and arranged a few of them on a plate in the shape of the number 2. I put candles in two of the pieces, placed the plate on the table, lit the candles, and we sang happy birthday to the girls. Hazel blew the candles out. Then we went outside to open presents and enjoy a bit of the lovely evening.

This time two years ago Ted and I were in a hospital room with the twins, managing my pain level, our shock, and feeling the fragility of exquisite joy mixed with protective terror. The babies were so, so small. They had barely any body fat at all, no eye lashes or eye brows. But they have thrived and grown, and we can never adequately express the gratitude we feel for their presence in our family and our lives.


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