improved piano practice, hard nights, hard bedtime, gardening, goodbye to Grandpa

This evening when Hazel practiced piano (for the second short session in the day), I circled the things that need further work next time, and then we moved on. This was successful: it meant that we talked about what wasn’t right yet, but then we didn’t stick around too long hammering it. We did each song three times in a row, worked on a few little spots, and then headed upstairs. Hazel was quite cheerful about the practice, both times. I’ll be interested to see what happens with it tomorrow.

Last night was another rough one, quite seriously so. It was Emily’s turn to be up, crying hard and holding onto me passionately, clinging like a little monkey. She cried harder if I so much as changed my position. It was well beyond her normal thing, definitely making us think something was wrong. We talked a bit about it, and theorized that perhaps the food we’ve been eating out over the past few days has been too much of a departure from our normal palette, and that maybe her tummy isn’t happy. She also seems to get irritated by her pj’s, which are tops and bottoms. When the shirt rides up she fusses and pulls it down. So, tonight I put her in a one-piece (which has its own problems, since she tends to unsnap it). And this morning when we went out for brunch we stuck to protein & veggies, no carbs. Hopefully it will prove to have been one of those things, and we’ll have a better night.

Getting them down was challenging. Ted is having time off this evening, so I had the super fun time of juggling two crying toddlers, soothing one while the other cried and then got out of bed. The whole process took about an hour and a half, and it’s quite a bit later than I was hoping it would be. I wanted to watch a movie…

Ah well.

This afternoon I got the rest of the plants in the ground. Hopefully everything will thrive. It looks so nice to have color and variety in the garden. Next project: edge the patio with river rock to prevent the little hill from spilling down onto the patio and covering it up.

I lead the parenting group today since Ted was having time with his dad. It was a good meeting. I like how the group mixes support with humor. There were a number of moments of great hilarity today. After the meeting I got home in time to see my f-i-l before he took a taxi to the airport.

Hazel loved having her Grandpa her to visit. He played card games with her, read to her endlessly, and pushed her on the tire swing at the park. It makes me so happy to see my kids with their family.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads.


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