tight day, quartet-a-comin’, piano recital in the works

This was my last too-packed Wednesday, thank goodness. Next week is Hazel’s last swim class, and I only have one morning lesson to teach, so no rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off. Today was non-stop from 8:55 am when Ted left and 11:30 pm when I finally finished scheduling & other work just now. I don’t mind one tight turn-around in a day, but when every event is crammed cheek-by-jowl next to two others, it gets my adrenals revved.

When I was at the pool for Hazel’s class I checked to see what availability there was for summer lessons, and it turns out there’s not a single time we can make. I am actually quite happy about that. Instead, my nanny and I will take the kids swimming at a pool or beach periodically. Hazel doesn’t have to be held by us in the water any more, so it works to take all three of them together. I anticipate some nice afternoons with all five of us swimming, picnicking, and enjoying the sunshine. That sounds better to me than being inside every week because it’s on my calendar. Hazel can go back to swim lessons in the fall.

Ted is currently vacuuming the house so it’s reasonable for when his dad arrives tomorrow for his annual visit. I will do more cleaning/organization tomorrow morning, and we’ll perhaps be able to pass ourselves off as functional adults. 🙂

Anticipation can be so much fun. The violist in my quartet is checking music out of the library for us to read on the 20th, our first rehearsal together. I am so excited. At the concert someone said that we (the concertmistress and I) both played so well we should play together. We grinned, and said that, in fact, we were about to start doing so. The person also asked if we were related, since she thought we looked alike. R said, “Well, we’re musically related”. I like the idea of musical family.

Today Hazel had a piano lesson. She has three pieces to learn for her studio recital, which is coming up at the end of the month. We have to really make sure she practices enough between now and then. Gotta stick to the schedule. And then I have to entirely let go of any worry about how the recital goes. She is five. I need to concentrate on support, not pressure. I am getting better at it, but of course there’s always room for improvement.


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