lunch, conversations, evening work and snuggles

This morning my student cancelled, so my nanny and I walked the twins over to pick up the car. We had enough time to stroll, to stop and smell the flowers, and to enjoy the day. We don’t get slow time like that as a rule, and it was a pleasure.

This afternoon, due to our severe lack of food in the house, I took Hazel and her friend M out for lunch after I picked them up from preschool. It was a giggle-fest as they drew and joked together, drawing smiles from the table nearby. There was more giggling and art-making once we got home, along with an increase in Hazel’s tendency to tell her friend what to do. (“It’s my house and my stuff, and so I get to say what we’re going to do.”) I made a mistake, and intervened at the end while they were trying to figure out what was going to be done. Next time, I’ll wait until later, and then ask Hazel how she felt about the time, and make one observation and ask her about that rather than lecturing or directing in the minute.

Next week they’re going to have a playdate at another friend’s house. The three of them really seem to love each other. It’s sweet to see.

Then after nap/quiet time I figured out how to call my mom on Facetime, and we had a lovely rambling conversation which wound up outside where Hazel could show my mom our flowers. Emily called her some version of “Grandma”. It wasn’t clear, but it was repeated enough times to become obviously intentional.

Tonight my friend J came over to have the first accompanying rehearsal with my two students who are giving an end-of-year recital. That was fun. I think they’re both going to do well, and I’m looking forward to it!

After that I went upstairs to snuggle with Hazel. I’d told her I’d do that, since I wasn’t going to see her all evening (I usually do on Mondays). She was happy that she got a snuggle with Ted while they were waiting for me, and then with me.


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