concert, gardening, downtime

Our concert went well today. The energy was good, and the pieces were all effective. One of the things I like about our conductor is the dynamic range he asks for and gets. It adds significantly to the expressiveness of the repertoire we present. I also love the clarity of sound in a small chamber orchestra. It is easy to hear all the individual wind lines, to feel that you’re making music with each member of the group. This was particularly true for me in the smaller pieces in which the front row was a string quintet consisting of two violins, viola, cello, and bass. I really love playing chamber music with an excellent bassist. We had some great sonorous lines together, as well as big lower string effects. Because we could see each other it was easier to coordinate.

Hazel came and sat in my friend A’s lap. Ted had brought headphones for her, but she decided not to use them. She did put her hands over her ears a couple of times, and I think in those moments it did get too loud for her. But I think she enjoyed it nonetheless. She also made me a card and brought it to give me. It has flowers on one side and her name on the other.

She wanted me to paint her face before the concert, so in between the dress rehearsal and performance I gave her a star on her forehead, a heart on one cheek, and a sun and flower on the other. She wore her dress-up dress and fancy shoes as well, and was definitely spiffier than almost any other member of the audience.

A student and his family came, too. I really love seeing my students in the audience, linking those two parts of my musical life together.


This afternoon I planted Hazel’s rose in a pot. Now it has food and water, and should be much happier. The leaves have gotten pale and a bit anemic. Hopefully it’ll perk up soon. Tomorrow I’ll plant the other rose in our even bigger pot. Once we have the rest of the garden planned out we can transplant those two roses, but for now we just want them to have water and food and more dirt in which to spread their roots.

Ted took care of the kids for an hour so I could go eat and relax by myself. I had a crab & avocado salad and a gin & tonic at a local restaurant and came back feeling much more laid back. And now it’s Ted’s turn. He’s off seeing a movie and having some downtime, which he has earned many times over. I am so glad that we are able to have that give and take, to help each other get what we need.


Emily went charging into the drawing table in our living room this afternoon, and got a very impressive bruise on the bridge of her nose. She also didn’t have much of a nap, and so was fragmenting by the time we came upstairs for bedtime. She, however, wasn’t the twin who got out of her bed twice when I was getting them down. And she fell asleep quickly, a blessing for all of us. I had to spend ten minutes with Joanna, but that’s a pretty reasonable amount of time, and they’re all asleep now. I had reading and snuggle time with Hazel after the twins were asleep. It was very cozy. I could have happily snoozed that way for hours. I’m happy now, too, by myself writing my post. I will join my daughters in dreamland soon.


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