Roses, gardening with kids, rehearsals, hair mop

The roses are blooming in the front garden. Every time I come and go from the house I smile, seeing the colors. The yellow rose that I cut back this spring has produced a peachy-colored blossom. I love roses, for their hues, their scents, the beautiful tender leaves they produce that harden and change color from a purple-red to a green. I love their hardiness, the fact that a bunch of thorny sticks turns into such glory as the spring progresses. Currently we have a couple of miniatures that are white and bright orange; four full-sized roses that are red, deep pink, yellow-orange, and peach; a couple of light pink groundcover roses, and a white climber my sister got me a number of years ago. They all make me happy.

What also makes me very happy is sharing my love of the garden with my kids. Hazel and I exclaim to each other over the new blossoms. We run and sniff them, tell each other how many there are, and what color. I love seeing the twins smelling flowers, too. They love to get their noses right up to them, or buried deep in the blossom.

I practiced off and on for about three hours today, and then had an hour and a half rehearsal tonight. Though these strings of rehearsals can be challenging in terms of balancing my work and family life, I love how it feels to really dig into the pieces, to feel like I’m getting into better conditioning. Tonight’s rehearsal included work on the second two movements of a piece we got quite recently. There is a lower-string chorale in part of it. Truly, there’s nothing like a sonorous lower-string passage for a cellist like me. I especially love the richness of the cello/bass combination.

Tomorrow I am finally, months late, going to get my hair cut! Yippee! The top of my head appears to have a bird’s nest composed mostly of streaky strands from somebody’s discarded mop attached to it. With the nest tamed and turned back into some sort of coiffure, I will feel appropriately fancy at the concert, or at least tidier.

My new quartet (the trio plus another violinist colleague of ours) is going to meet for the first time in a couple of weeks. There is such a vast repertoire from which to choose, I hardly know where to begin. I can’t wait.


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