New bedtime routine

Today we officially declared nursing over, and changed our bedtime routine. This is a big milestone. We still sang our bedtime songs, but then, instead of the same three books we’ve been reading for the last year (“Haiku Baby“, “The Five Senses“, and “Goodnight Moon“) we had each kid pick out a book and we read those. I did read “Goodnight Moon” at the end, since Hazel wanted me to (she didn’t really want to hear the book, but she wanted to put off going to bed), but I am sure that will drop off too. This change will mean that the bedtime routine is probably a bit shorter than it has been, which will help Ted and me move it earlier and get downstairs sooner, a plus for us.

This is another example of how parenting is really family-ing: in other words, changes are instigated by each member of a family, not just by the parents. We might have had an idea that this era was coming to a close, but it was the twins who moved us naturally out of it and into the new one, by growing and developing and making a clear choice. The control freak part of me has a little struggle with this, but this is also part of why I decided to have kids, to engage more deeply and to allow myself to be challenged in this way. I am happy to see how gracefully we’ve all managed this transition. Now Ted and I have to work on not referring to Emily and Joanna as, “the babies”. On one level they’ll always be our babies in our hearts, but they are forging ahead and definitely toddlers now.

Ted took the girls to the farmer’s market tonight, got dinner for them, bought some strawberries and stew beef. He also cooked, so when I came up from teaching there was food in the fridge. They’re no longer going to coop preschool on Wednesday nights, so there will be time for them to spend together, and it’ll be easier for us to get them to bed at a reasonable hour. Summer has begun!

My friend J came over to pick up some music she’s going to play with my student on her senior recital later this month. It was great to see her – it’s been a long time since we got together. She’s been riding her bike a lot lately, and it inspired me. I can’t wait to get the Edgerunner in the fall. In the meantime, we need to liberate my Townie, which has a partial key stuck in its lock, and then I can start riding that when I’m on my own. I’m looking forward to it.

And now, more practicing… I’ve only worked on one piece so far today, and I need to get to at least two others before I go to bed tonight.


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