Cello practice, letter writing

Today was a day of practicing. I got some extra childcare hours this afternoon so I could work on the repertoire all day, off and on. Thankfully putting the twins down for nap went pretty smoothly today. Emily didn’t even make a peep after I laid her, totally awake, in her bed.

Tonight during my writing time I worked on the twins’ 2-year-old birthday letter, so Stella (my main character) will have to wait until next Tuesday, most likely, as the next several days will be equally cello-focused. The tweakiness in my hand seems to have been almost completely resolved, partially by the work I had done on it last week, and also as a result of careful practicing. Working harder and for more hours almost always makes my body feel better, with improved conditioning, greater flexibility and precision.

Practicing is good. It’s funny how you always run into things that you think shouldn’t be hard but are, and other things that look intimidating but are acquired without too much effort. Music, sort of like athletics I’d guess, can be unpredictable.

Going back over my Facebook entries for the last year to help me with the letter writing was fun. It has been a very, very full year. We’re in a place now we only dreamed about last summer, with the twins in their own beds, getting to the gym, the house more clean and organized, and time in the evenings to dink around for a bit.

As my mom likes to say, the only constant in life is change. And she’s right.


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