practicing cello, stringing words together, toddler games, waning nursing

In the department of obvious truths: it takes a lot of energy to practice. I have been practicing in chunks all day, before and after lessons, during the twins’ nap, and after we got the kids down. I ran out of energy at 10 pm. This is impacted by the fact that I woke up at 3 am and didn’t ever really get back to sleep, so was running on about three hours of shut-eye today.

My stand partner told me about something she’d read about how to practice most efficiently, by being aware of how quickly the brain forms habits and turns off. The idea is to practice small chunks of things, and only as long as you’ve got a super-sharp focus. When you’ve run out of that on one section, move onto the next one. I tried to do that today. I will be curious to see if I retained more of my practice when I come back to the music tomorrow.

Today Emily said two words in a row. There was a big pause in between, but she said, “Read. Books?” It was her first multi-word concept expressed to me, and I was very excited to hear it. My nanny and I also think that she said, “You, go,” later on when it was getting close to the time that she was going to leave.

Joanna instigated a game this afternoon into which Emily happily joined. She asked to be picked up and slid down the back of the leather couch. When she and Emily wound up on the couch at the same time (one twin having not gotten off yet when the other on slid down the back) the laughter passed gale-force and escalated to torrents of merriment. My nanny got some video. I can’t wait to see it.

Joanna again refused to nurse tonight. I am so sad that she seems to be stopping. She’s my little snuggle-bug, and I have loved those warm together times. Emily did nurse for a bit, but it didn’t last long. I will keep offering for as long as that seems reasonable, and I am happy that we’ve made it almost all of the way until their second birthday. But it’s disconcerting to have her turn down something she’s loved all her life. My littles are getting bigger.


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