Morning off, practicing, toddler naptime, parenting group, rehearsal

Today was my morning off, so I got to sleep in until 9:30 am, at which point I got up and lazed about in bed checking email, playing Scrabble, and generally goofing off. Such indolence. Being in the house all by myself is quite a luxury these days. Then I went down to the studio and practiced for a couple of hours until Ted and the girls came home from Hazel’s soccer class. I’m rebuilding my thumb callous, as it is necessary for a couple of the pieces we’re doing on this concert. It’s possible to get quite excitingly vivid lines on the side of your thumb when playing up high on the cello.

Just before lunchtime I did piano practice with Hazel, who voluntarily did the second line of her piece when I’d only asked her to do the second two measures of the first line. That was cool. She is still asking to practice piano, so I haven’t wrecked it for her yet… in fact, I am managing to strike a lighter and more fun tone with her, at least some of the time. I do have to keep a constant watch on myself though, and cultivate patience and humor.

At naptime I got to play the Put The Toddler In Her Bed game again, for quite a long time. Eventually I gave up, since I really had to practice. Joanna was asleep, but Emily alternated between singing, making funny noises, crying, crying for Daddy, and crying for Mama. It took Ted an additional 20 minutes, but he eventually got her down while I worked some more.

Then we had our parenting group. I’m still pretty nervous in the group setting, but the group itself is going well, and I feel like they’re forming friendships already. It’s neat to see. Today’s topic was feeding, and there was good conversation, mutual support, and information exchange.

I had a 2.5-hour rehearsal right after that, which went reasonably well. I still have a lot of work to do, but most things are going well enough that I can enjoy them. I’m a little too close for comfort to getting a blister on my pizzicato finger, but with judicious practicing this week I should be able to avoid it developing any further.

And now I’m home, and Ted has the first Harry Potter movie on his computer, and we are going to go watch a bit of it together before we hit the sack. A full day, but a good one.


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