“Be Our Guest”, gardening, self-care, twins

Tonight I was chatting via FB with a friend, and mentioned the fact that the kids are down. Except that what came into my head was, “They are down, they are down, they are ….” to the tune of “Be Our Guest”, from the Disney flick “Beauty and the Beast”. I am not sure what that means in terms of my mental stability, but it prompted me to listen to the song and that is making me smile (“The flatware’s entertaining”), so I am grateful.

This afternoon I planted the marigolds Hazel gave me for Mother’s Day, and got some weeding done too. I am looking forward to more this weekend, when Ted and I can do it together. It takes a long time! But the roses are starting to bloom, the woolly thyme is spreading, the red creeping thyme is blooming, and it is lovely to be outside working in the garden.

This morning I had a session with the person who has helped me with my left hand and arm before, and I felt an improvement. I’ll go back in if/when I need to.

Emily was wound up like a top this evening. She ran back and forth across the room, jumping into or across Ted’s lap and laughing like a loon. She didn’t want to nurse, just wanted to play. But she went to sleep without a peep, miraculously, as soon as the light went out. Joanna, on the other hand, fell asleep nursing and then rolled off the nursing pillow like a seal, landing on the mattress with a plop, eyes totally closed and breathing even. It really is fun to watch twins growing up in parallel but contrasting ways.


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