bad night, old hand injury, twins’ new words

Last night was super rough, with Hazel in and out of the bathroom feeling tummy aches, and the twins screaming their toddler heads off in the middle of the night for an hour and a half. I am tired, and my throat is ominously sore. I hope I don’t get pulled under. Go immune system, go!

Ted and I did some prep for our parenting group meeting on Sunday, so I’m feeling better about that. I also got some necessary family business taken care of today. It was a long day.

My left hand has been hurting in a way it hasn’t in years lately, all due to my foolish insistence several weeks ago on using a technique that’s not so good for me. I am going to see the person who helped me out of my years of injury in the first place, now 15 years ago. I have been feeling quite a lot of fear and stress, but I have confidence she can help me. My body has healed before, and it can do it again.

Emily is saying new words all the time. She now has: “On”, “Off”, “Memo” for Elmo, and “Hi!”. Joanna is saying, “Yeah!” and nodding in a new vigorous way that moves her upper body. They are starting to have more divergent opinions, and don’t always agree with each other’s book choices.


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