parents’ group, writing critique, babies, bedtime

We hosted our first parents group this evening. Our group has eight newborns and their parents. They all seem pretty congenial, interested, interesting, and willing to talk, which was great. I felt rather overwhelmed, and Ted and I both felt rather unprepared, but I think it went well. I sent a monster email tonight in which I included the songs packet and YouTube renditions. That was fun: the Internet always has reams and reams of material including some gems and some horrors. Kids’ tunes don’t always delight my ear, and some of the videos threaten shivering delirium, but overall I found good resources.

This morning I had a critique group and got some more extremely helpful feedback from my friends. It is starting to appear that my book is going to be divided into two sections: Before Scotland (BS) and After Scotland (AS). Ted said, grinning, that obviously we need to go for a visit so I can do some research. I don’t disagree. 🙂

Because the kids had to be out of the house for two hours, we told our nanny she could take them to the hot dog place to get whatever they wanted, and then to the park. That worked really well until it started raining pretty seriously. She made it work, though, with her creative genius. They came back in just at the tail end after we’d wrapped up. Emily pointed, and said, “Baby!” After the group had left, Hazel said, “Those babies were so cute!” Seeing the fruit on the table, Joanna pointed and said, “Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?”

The kids were very wound up and we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get them down, but as soon as we turned out the light and put them in their beds they went to sleep (or at least were sufficiently quiet we couldn’t tell the difference). Hooray!


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