a non-Martha Stewart home, walking in the neighborhood, snuggling with Hazel

Ted and I ended our week of cleaning two rooms short of the total we hoped to complete (ten including the entry-way). We didn’t get to the playroom or the office. Nonetheless, we are pleased with what we accomplished, including putting up additional cloth over our bedroom windows so that we can sleep in the morning. It worked, too! I woke up at 5 am (as I seem to usually do, much to my chagrin) but was able to get back to a proper sleep in fairly short order. Being seriously sleep-deprived I was still tired when I got up later on, but a few more mornings like that (or, even better, without the 5 am wakeup) and I might start feeling something approaching chipper.

In the next few weeks we will attempt the toy re-org, and the desk-clearing operation. Having done this much, I feel more confident that we’ll do the rest. And tomorrow we’ll have an hour and a half before the parents’ group members arrive, and will be able to make the rest of the house at least presentable. We are instructed in the leader materials not to make it pristinely perfect, so as not to intimidate the new parents. That gave us both a chuckle, as having a house intimidatingly spotless is not something that keeps us up at night. We will be happy with reasonable.

We strolled over to our neighborhood café with the kids this afternoon. The twins have gotten so much bigger, it only took us 45 minutes to go the .2 miles each way and acquire the kids’ steamed milks in between, a mere three times the number of minutes either of us would spend on our own. I love that they’re able to do that now, that we can walk in our neighborhood seeing neighbors, smelling flowers, and being outside together as a family minus the stroller or constant carrying of the twins. Joanna did require parental portage part of the way back, but it wasn’t for too long. It was a beautiful afternoon for a ramble; there were even a few brief sunshowers, though no rainbow we could see.

Hazel got to snuggle with me after the twins were down tonight, and we read, “The Tale of Samuel Whiskers Or The Roly-Poly Pudding“, a Beatrix Potter story about a kitten who gets caught by a couple of rats and turned into a pudding (he is rescued before he is eaten). Ted loves the Beatrix Potter books. I am not quite as passionate about them as he is, but am quite fond of them too, and am very happy that Hazel likes such long stories complete with multi-syllabic and unfamiliar words. I do love feeling her all warm and snuggled up against me as I read to her.


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