The Joy Of Cleaning, prep for newborn group, dazzling day, twin tales

It was a day of warm, bright sunshine, perfect blue skies, and a lambent almost-full moon in the evening. Every time I was outside today was a celebration.


Cleaning up can prompt feelings of relief verging on euphoria. I am not what you’d call a neat freak, and in fact I tend to procrastinate terribly when it comes to keeping up my physical environment. Nonetheless, living in a neat and organized setting helps me maintain energy rather than drain it; helps me feel a sense of comfort and peace when I come back to my home; helps me gain energy when I’m putting the work into creating that environment; and helps enhance my satisfaction with my relationship with Ted, with my family, and with my life in general. It’s a big deal.

I have spent plenty of time in my life totally stuck around cleaning and organization, in resistance to doing the work. Over the last ten years, though, I have come to appreciation the benefits I gain through the act of caring for my home as well as the resulting space.

Today we finished the laundry room (except for some putting away of sheets, etc, once we’ve gotten them folded); we finished the upstairs bathroom, including cleaning the toilet; we got about 90% of the bedroom done (we still have to vacuum, I have to put my jewelry away after the hurried exploration of it prior to my last Beatles gig, and we have to put up some more blackout material so we can sleep in the morning); and we got about 90% of the kitchen done too (we need a couple of power strips and a basket). In the process we cleared up, cleared away, or at least relocated possessions which have sat untouched for weeks, months, or years, in many cases bothering me every day. We cleaned each room as we went, so the floors are appealing and nice to walk on, an added bonus.

I feel as light as a water bug.

And I found my hair brush!


This evening we had our training for leading the newborn parenting group that’s going to start on Sunday. I am feeling simultaneously excited and heavily intimidated. Last night we lost the childcare we’d scheduled for today, and couldn’t find any alternative, so we had the meeting with a certain amount of interruption from the kiddos. At one point Ted took them off into the kitchen to give them dinner. But our trainer gave us a nice thick notebook packed full of helpful info. I am going to spend the next couple days reading it and taking notes (I started in on that during the hour I took off tonight) and then I’ll give it to Ted. Friday or Saturday we’ll compare notes and talk about strategies. I am feeling buoyed by the fact that we’re cleaning our house: if we can do that, surely we can help facilitate a parenting group for 8 newborns and their parents, right?

I am happy to be doing this. It will be a great learning experience, for which I have some grounding in terms of my teaching and parenting background. It will be an excellent opportunity to practice non-judgmental, open listening. And it will be an honor to do what we can to help a whole bunch of new parents with a part of their journey.


In today’s twin news, this evening, for the first time, Emily said, “Mommy” rather than “Mama”. Both twins are now saying, “Gaucho”, the name of the dog down the street. Joanna’s, “Yeah!” has gotten clearer and sweetly enthusiastic. Emily is almost running now. Joanna is starting to climb more. She loves to get up on the ottomans in the living room and explore whatever happens to be on the kids’ table. She looks over at me with elation written all over her face, and delights both in the act of climbing up, and her resultant ability to get into her possession any item she sees there.


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