Conquering chaos, neighborhood friends

This week Ted is working half days so we can get a handle on the chaos that is our house. Today we fixed up the kids’ room. I moved the wall-mounted shelves from where they had been installed above the drawing table that never got any use, to above the beds. Now the twins’ piggy banks are on one, and Hazel’s piggy bank and jewelry box are on the other.
kids bedroom 2

Since I came into the room last night to find Emily half on and half off of her bed, crying, we swapped her bed so its head is next to Joanna’s bed’s foot. Now they can function like cribs, in the sense that the sides are mostly blocked by the rails so she’s less likely to roll out. And we vacuumed. The room is appealing now, cozy and spacious at the same time.
kids bedroom

We also got a start on the laundry room, which we will finish tomorrow. That room has been one of the places where we’ve tended to jam things that we don’t have an immediate space for, or no time to find one. Consequently, the range of objects large and small we unearthed that bear little relationship to the room’s main purpose is somewhat amusing. Tomorrow we’ll dig out from under the clothes hanging on the racks. I shudder to think how long (counted in years) the various residents of our laundry room floor have abided there. On the other hand, we may have a few of those, “Oh, THAT’S where that’s been all this time!” moments. One can hope.

This evening we came outside to discover that the neighbor friends who live down at the corner were still out and playing. Hazel took off running down the street, and Emily chased after her. I went along with Joanna. After some conversation with the parents, I decided it was time to go home with the twins, and asked if I should collect Hazel. They said, nah, just leave her for the time being while they worked in their garden. So, for the first time ever I said to Hazel that I was heading home, and that should come home when her friends were ready to start their bedtime routine. “Sure!” she said, quite nonchalantly. And off I went. Hazel came home ten or fifteen minutes later, happy. She’s really getting to be a big girl! I am glad she has good friends close by with whom she can play.


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