Beatles show, gym

The Beatles shows go quickly. They are loud, fun, and varied. This year it’s the White album. There’s a lot of driving, intense harmony going on in the cello part. My hands are tired! But it is always a blast.

Two of the singers’ baby daughter has been at the rehearsals. Today she had big headphones on, and was having a blast. The twins really have changed me: I immediately thought how cute she looked, and how much I wanted to go hold her. I guess wonders will never cease, after all.

I went to the gym this morning. I had an assessment at the gym last week with a trainer there. Just that one session has already made a huge difference. I am using a more challenging elliptical machine for my cardio workout, and have started using the weight machines too, though the last two times I’ve been I haven’t had time for the resistance training. Today the kids were in the gym’s childcare, and I had to be ready to pick them up at the end of the hour. Joanna spent the whole hour crying, the first time we dropped her off there. This morning she apparently cried a little bit at the beginning, but then played pretty happily for the rest of the time. That’s a big step forward, and makes me feel more confident about her ability to handle preschool, which will happen next year.

I am, again, beat, and going to hit the sack early.

Happy Mothers’ Day, all of you mothers!


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