A quartet becoming, and kids’ sleeping arrangements

My trio is going to become a quartet, and we’re going to start reading pieces in June. I am so excited. There is what feels like almost limitless choice, such huge variety and depth to the quartet repertoire. It’s a dream of mine to have a regular quartet, so this development brings a smile to my face and an occasional skip to my step.

Tomorrow our new toddler bed will arrive, and we’ll put Joanna and Emily in their own beds for the first time. They’ll be next to each other, with a third toddler mattress on the floor in between to break any falls that happen (though the beds are low to the floor). The three girls will have parallel beds, with the heads of their beds against the west wall of the room. The extra twin mattress will run along the north wall, head to foot of Hazel’s twin. That way we’ll still have a mattress on which to read books at night, nurse the twins, or sleep on when one of us needs to spend the night in there. And when sleep-overs become something that Hazel wants to do, there will be an extra bed in their room to accommodate that.

Plus, there will no longer be a twin bed sticking out into the room, creating a potentially deadly tripping hazard for us. Yay!

It’s a big step, for sure. The twins are young for it, but Emily has shown a big desire to be in the toddler bed, especially now that Hazel has vacated it. And there will be less bumping-into-sister-and-waking-her-up this way, though of course I won’t be surprised if they wind up in each other’s beds periodically. Tonight, when we were getting ready to turn off their light, Emily started crying, “Sis-sis, Sis-sis!” She loves her sisters, and wanted to be with Hazel, who had gotten up into her bed. I love how much they all love each other. Emily and Joanna have a wonderful bond with each other, but they also each have a very close bond with Hazel. I’m glad it’s worked out for them all to share a room.


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