good nap, appointment at the gym, piano practice with Hazel

I did an internally expressed but large in scope victory dance this afternoon when I succeeded in getting the twins down for a nap, despite the fact that Emily was both awake and protesting when I left their bedroom. She kept protesting on and off for several minutes, but it never rose to the level requiring intervention, and then she calmed herself down and nodded off. In fact, they were both awake when they finished nursing, which is pretty unusual. When it does happen and I’m on my own, I’m always unsure of how I’m going to get them both to go to sleep, given that I can’t rock them at the same time. But Joanna patiently waited her turn on the mattress while I rocked and soothed Emily, and then went to sleep with only one additional pick up from me. Hence, the victory dance, which I couldn’t do loudly as it would have prompted inquiry from Hazel, who was already ensconced in the yellow room, having her quiet time.

And then, about two-thirds of the way through the twins’ nap, Emily woke up and squawked, but then she went back to sleep again. This repeated another time or two. I made myself wait patiently downstairs (I tend to dash upstairs too soon, I think), and it worked. They slept. I relaxed. Hazel read. We all got some time to rejuvenate. Happy day.

Also today I had a free reassessment appointment at the gym. I now have a weights/resistance workout set up that I can do in about 20 minutes. We’re starting simply so I can get back into the habit, and then it can get more interesting. The trainer also showed me a different version of the elliptical machine that is superbly cool. You can vary the angle and length of stride. It also has arms, so your overall cardio workout can be more challenging and more flexible. I like it a lot, am looking forward to doing my allotted 40 minutes on it next time I go to the gym (presumably tomorrow).

This evening, just before bed, Hazel and I did a piano practice that went quite well. She can concentrate for longer now. Her rhythm has improved markedly, and she looks at the music more than she used to. I played the accompaniments on the cello, and we had fun together. One of these days I am going to record us playing as a duo. How exciting that is. Hazel wants to put together a little concert after she’s been playing longer (another few weeks, she said) for our friends and Daddy. I am so happy she wants to share her music!


2 thoughts on “good nap, appointment at the gym, piano practice with Hazel

  1. Internally expressed but large in scope victory dance = hilarious. We need an acronym for this. IEBLISVD?

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