A challenging day, with bright spots

This afternoon, Emily rolled off the nursing pillow when she was done, asleep. She and Joanna often do that. I hadn’t gotten a sleep sack on her before I’d nursed her, and I thought, not rationally, that Ted would be irritated that I was putting her down without one. So I picked her up to remedy that error. Doing so was, of course, an error in judgment of epic proportions. She went stiff as a board and started screaming, top volume, irremediably. No nap for Emily. This was a day when I was looking forward with a fixed intensity to that moment when, kids asleep, Ted and I crept out of their room and went downstairs. We had plans for that time, which all went out the door when Emily blew her gasket.

*big sigh*

It was a day during which nothing was going right. You know those days. For me, they have a depressive quality, because I feel weepy and sad, frustrated, lacking in motivation. The current weather isn’t helping. This often happens in these parts in the spring: we’ll get a few nice spring/early summer days, and then the rain returns, and you know it’s here to stay for weeks, until July. I have a hard time with this season’s rain. I just want it to be warm and sunny, and rain like we’ve been having lately, all day and heavy, can put me in a foul mood.

Anyway, I’ll spare the rest of the details of the various things that went wrong today and skip to the better parts. Those were: running into the violinist from my trio and talking about a quartet concert next season; an enjoyable rehearsal; and coming home to fold laundry (really) and watch the first part of a movie (Thor) by myself in my bedroom. After a bit I put on headphones, because Hazel was throwing a Class A fit at our nanny downstairs, and I wanted to a) prevent myself from going down and getting involved, and b) not hear it. So that way I got much better sound quality and could feel myself gradually relaxing.

Oh, and Hazel scored a goal in her scrimmage in soccer today. That was a pleasure to see.

So now I’m going to watch the rest of the movie, and go to bed. And, hopefully, sleep!


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