A really fantastic Mommy-Daddy-Hazel day, plus activities with all three kids

We had a marvelous day today. We got up late due to going to bed late last night after I got home from rehearsal, but the twins slept in, so score! Our nanny arrived and we had a lazy, comfortable time getting ready, eating, hanging out. While we were in the middle of that our neighbors and friends arrived to extend an impromptu invitation to Hazel to go the playground. She decided she wanted to go, which gave Ted and me time to have breakfast together, very nice. When we were done with that we went to collect Hazel and headed off to the zoo for a quick visit to see the poison dart frogs.

Then we went to the pool. Hazel showed us blast-offs. When she blasted off the wall to me, I tapped her head like her teacher does, and she flipped over onto her back. That plastered grins on both of our faces. She swam like a fish for 45 minutes. Then they got out the rope swing. Last time we were at the pool together Ted did the swing, but I was already in the hot tub and declined. Perhaps more importantly, I was feeling intimidated by it. Today, I was determined to try it. Once up on the platform and with the rope being held in front of me by the lifeguard I wavered and worried, but I grabbed it and stepped off. I made it about halfway across before dropping off into the water. That inspired me to want to try again, so I got back in line. There was one other adult waiting, and we had a quick conversation in which we shared our similarities of being afraid as kids but wanting to challenge ourselves now. When it was my turn again I jumped up, grabbed a higher knot, and sailed out over the pool, dropping off just as the rope started its return journey. I was so happy.

It was pouring (the rain came down quite enthusiastically today) when we left, but after a wet dash to the car, we went out for lunch with Hazel at a favorite restaurant. She got a pancake in the shape of Mickey Mouse. I got a gluten-free version of eggs Benedict which was ridiculously delicious, and Ted got an omelet. Yum, yum. When we got home from lunch, Hazel got to have the contents of an Easter egg she got at the airport on the way home from our trip to see my parents. I think she ate 5 pieces of candy. She was in heaven. That sort of treat is highly unusual.

After we got the twins up from their nap we headed off to the kids’ hair salon where Hazel gets her hair cut. She’s been asking for one for some time, and when the hair person asked her what she wanted, she said that she’d like her hair short, above her ears because she doesn’t like how it feels sweaty when it’s hot at night (it was pretty warm for here last week). She also wanted a braid. And the hair person managed it admirably. The cut is great, there is a braid on the top of her head, there are sparkles in her hair, and she came home with fruit snacks and a balloon (plus two for her sisters). Additionally, the hair person neatened up my attempt at a trim that was inelegantly decorating Emily’s face. A highly successful salon excursion.

Then we went to buy another metal rolling cart for the kitchen, this time for the art corner. We needed a place for supplies, including the gigantic roll of paper we’re using to cover the kitchen table. The kids played with it as we put it together, and it is awesome! We even have another cutting surface for when we need it, as well as a way to keep the non-baby-safe items up high and out of their reach (for now).

All in all, it was an exceptional day. The only downer was Hazel running face-first into a piece of the shelving unit Ted was carrying. But with ice and owie cream it got better. She got to snuggle with me for a few minutes after the twins were asleep (as well as this morning after we were all awake), so Hazel’s day (and ours) began, continued, and ended with peace, love, and happiness.


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