rough night, local and out-of-town friends, home

Last night the twins were awake and crying, mostly alternately but with some overlap, from 9:15 pm to sometime after 2:15 am. Five hours of distress. It was rough. Ted and I gave up for a while, brought them into our room and read books to them to break the cycle and calm them down. Ultimately, I took Joanna back into the bedroom and was finally able to get her down. Meanwhile, Ted took Emily for a walk, as she was still absolutely refusing to consider lying down and going to sleep. The walk worked: she was asleep when he came back. And then they slept until 8 am, so they got just a little over half of their usual nightly amount of sleep. Hazel slept through it all, and had a regular night. Ted got about 5.5 hours while the twins were sleeping. I spent a while vibrating from the tension, but ultimately went to sleep too. I almost never sleep for more than a few hours in a row, and so I dragged myself downstairs close to 9 am. I was TIRED!

This afternoon during the girls’ nap (I had Hazel nap partly because she won’t get a chance to this weekend, and partly for my shredding sanity) I had a conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We made a plan to watch a movie together via Facetime on Saturday night (while Ted is out for his time off and after my kids are in bed). I am looking forward to it!

After Ted got home I ran to the store for ingredients, and came back with tilapia, pesto, broccoli, and a salad box, which I turned into a meal for friends who just had their second daughter. I took the meal over and got to see the baby. So small! And she has the family nose, the cute, upturned elven sniffer her sister’s got. It was nice to enter the universe of their family, so sweet and warm.

From there I went to a 3 hour rehearsal. That was fun, loud, and enjoyable, but quite the contrast to where I’d just been.

And now I am home. Ted and I are in our living room. Jasmine is sleeping on the monkey blanket my friend and student M gave us when Hazel was a baby, and Pepper is, as usual, sprawled out on the dining room table. I have a desire to go up and hug all my children, but I will forebear, as we REALLY want them to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is a Mommy-Daddy-Hazel day. I don’t know all of what we’ll do, but I’m sure it will include a trip to the pool, where she wants to show us more of what she’s learned in class.


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