Hurry hurry!, patience, play with umbrellas, spice racks

“Rush, rush! Hurry, hurry! Go, go, go! Don’t dawdle! Get a move on! No, we don’t have time for that!” This is the cry of the (possibly overscheduled) parent. Today I had two lessons to teach in the morning, the first one of which was scheduled to begin right at the start of my childcare time. Immediately after the second lesson I had to book out of here to get Hazel to her swim lesson, and then hurry back so we can make it in time for the end of my nanny’s shift. It doesn’t make for a relaxed day, and depending on how I handle it internally, it can be quite stressful, for me and for Hazel. But it’s hard to know what to do, exactly: I have to work; Hazel loves swimming class; we can’t afford more nanny hours, etc. So mostly what I have to do is adjust my attitude, and not worry about being late to class if that happens, just prioritize trying to make the points in the schedule that matter most happen.

Also, I have to remind myself that if I’m not getting what I need in any given moment, I will later. All is not lost. This was pertinent this afternoon. I made the mistake of agreeing to Hazel’s plaintive insistence on having her quiet time out here rather than in the playroom. I told her she was going to have to be quiet and let me have my quiet time too, but of course that did not work. And once I finally had her set up to her satisfaction, the twins woke up 30 seconds later, and poof, there went my down time. I didn’t quite manage not to keep my irritation to myself, and was not too adult in my communication. I sometimes get stuck in the problem rather than working on a solution. Gee, I wonder where Hazel gets that?

My inner dialogue sometimes looks like this, I think:
“Enjoy the process!”
“Dammit, relax and enjoy the moment!”
“No way!”
“Oh come on, you’re just stressing yourself and everyone else out. Let it go!”
“Piss off!”

Nonetheless, today was another fabulously beautiful day, and we did get outside for a bit after nap. We hung around outside the house. Hazel brought out a couple umbrellas, and I got to see Emily’s feet walking along under an apparently self-propelled kid’s monkey umbrella. Later, she wielded the big red adult umbrella with impressive aplomb.

The evening’s lessons went well, and now we’re getting the spice racks back up on the wall in their new location. I’ll be able to put the spices back, they will cease to be toddler attractions, and we’ll be able to move the cart around when we want to use the butcher block on top of it. Yippee!


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