A day of work and play

Today was productive, varied, and enjoyable. I practiced, I got to the gym, I relaxed in a comfy chair with Jasmine during the twins’ nap and Hazel’s quiet time (after I did the dishes), I got our veggie boxes in, I steamed and baked various vegetables, and I took Hazel to her piano lesson. I got Ted and the kids going on dinner, and then I went to the coffee-house to write. After struggling a bit with resistance, I took some notes and then got a good start on a scene. Tonight I talked with my sister, and in a bit Ted and I will have some time to talk too, before we hit the sack. And when I came home from writing there was a container of gluten-free chicken nuggets left over from dinner, so I got a snack, too. A good day.

This afternoon I got out the butcher paper and covered the kitchen table. The kids painted with water colors while I cooked. All I had to do was remind Hazel a couple of times that her sisters could do what they wanted (she has a tendency to micro-manage them), and to prevent Emily from drinking (all of) the paint-water.

This evening, Ted got a yummy chicken & spinach dish cooked, so we actually have a good start on our week’s food. Dinner was a bit unorthodox, as it consisted of a smoothie (made from a whole box of strawberries, a whole bunch of kale, and coconut milk and cinnamon,) followed by the chicken nuggets. When I was preparing the smoothie, I caught myself before saying, “No,” to Hazel’s request for a kale leaf. I told her she needed to wash her hands first. When she came back she eagerly took the kale and shared it with her sisters. I did a little internal victory dance. You have to cherish those moments.

Oh, adding the tag, “sisters” reminded me that Emily is now saying the word sister. It started as “shuh-shuh”, and has gradually modified so that now it’s “shi-shuhr” or something like that. Very exciting. When Hazel and I came back from her preschool, Emily pointed at the door and said, “Mamma!” and “Shi-shuhr!”

Joanna has started to say, “Yeah!”, “buh-buh” (for bubble), and “moeh” (for more).


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