Whoops, parental life

This morning, getting a jump on the time we’d have with our nanny this afternoon, I decided to take the spice racks down and prep for moving the fridge over to its new spot. After I did that and various other things, the kitchen was a bit of a disaster. We stopped to feed the kids, and then got them down for nap, during which we figured out where to put the kitchen table.

Nap ended abruptly when Hazel threw up all over her bed and the mattress next to hers. Cleaning up, Ted reminisced about the last time that’d happened, when all three kids had gotten into the act within half an hour of each other. And on cue….there went Joanna.

Needless to say, the afternoon changed shape. Our nanny, rather than taking all the kids and risking getting whatever they have, spent her time upstairs working on our laundry. I went to get some basic groceries, and some Pedialyte. When I returned I decided to wash out the veggie bins. That was probably a mistake, since when I took them out I noticed the incrustations further back, and was unable to countenance putting food back into the fridge until I’d cleaned it. So then I spent an hour or so working on the bottom of the fridge.

We were already not going to get everything done today we wanted to, but while I’m glad not to be risking nightmares tonight fueled by visions on the mold in the fridge arising to smother us all, the house is a colossal mess, and tomorrow is Monday. On the plus side, nobody’s thrown up in a few hours. Each bed in the kids’ bedroom now has a double layer of mattress protector and sheet, and I am hoping that we won’t need it.

Poor Emily, who did NOT throw up, was beside herself wanting food by the time we got to dinner, which consisted of beef broth and applesauce. Ted sneaked her some salmon, and the twins fell asleep pretty quickly when I nursed them.

And so it goes. There are days as a parent when practicing, or working out, or reading a book, or eating a regular meal all seem like activities of a bygone era, never to return again. They will, though.


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