hard day

It’s been a bad day, but I don’t feel like detailing it. Suffice it to say, there was a lot of screaming, crying, stamping of feet, and general unpleasantness.

This evening Ted gave me the gift of some time to myself while he folded a part of our Mt. Everest of laundry. I went and bought potting soil and burgers, and then came home to eat, have a beer, and plant some ground covers. I am sure it would have been better in some ways, certainly more efficient, to use that time packing or cleaning or some such. But I was very glad to get the plants in the ground, and to do something productive, by myself (until Hazel came outside).

Parenting is hard. This statement brought to you by the Obvious Newletter of the Duh Metropolis.

On the other hand, Joanna said, “fish” tonight for the first time.


2 thoughts on “hard day

  1. mudpilewood says:

    Ted sounds like a nice guy, and no, you were right to go and plant ground cover plants, time for yourself should entail doing something for you, take it from someone whose kids are grown and flown the nest.

  2. cellocatnw says:

    Thanks, mudpilewood. he is. And we’re trying to muddle through this period of early years. The time when they’ve flown the nest seems light years away, though I know it is not.

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