flowers, mud, massage, musical playing, teaching, giggly toddlers

Today on our morning walk we saw that the neighbors were having their Camellia trimmed. This resulted in lots of blooms on branches on the sidewalk where the kids were able to sniff, pull, pick, pick up, and carry a bonanza of blossoms. Much rejoicing was had by all. This was followed by playing with another neighbor’s sandbox & related toys. I initially said no to the muddy containers of half sand/half earth, but then decided a little dirt never hurt anyone, and there was further rejoicing and blissful playing. Meantime, I made camping reservations for our family and my sister’s to go away for a weekend together this summer. A good morning.

This afternoon I had a massage, in which my massage therapist dug quite energetically into the huge knots in my right shoulder. It felt productive, if not always pleasant. I think my body is starting to shift, and my back is starting to let go of some of the tension from the rear-ending in November. I feel less stiffness, and that is good.

Tonight I had a student play Rachmaninoff’s “Vocalise” more musically than I’ve heard him play yet. That was quite satisfying, for both of us. After a series of conversations between him, his mother, and me a few months ago about practicing, he has been working harder and improving more quickly. He’s in middle school, which in my experience tends to be the make-or-break time for kids on their instruments. He seems to be digging in and committing rather than backing off and giving up, something that is heart-warming for a teacher to see. His dad plays piano, and I’m looking forward to eventually hearing them play the piece together.

I was also able to help an adult student get a better sound on a string that’s been bothering him. He’s not going to be satisfied with his sound until he sounds like a semi-pro, I think, but he was able to make a significant enough of a change to be ok with it for the next while. That felt good, too.

Due to two of my students’ track schedules, I’ve had to re-vamp my Thursday afternoon and evening teaching schedule for the next couple of months. My break is now located not-ideally in between my first two students, and followed by five in a row with no break. This makes for a pretty energy-output-intensive Thursday. But I made it, with two thermoses of tea (decaf, or I’d never sleep tonight), and some food, as well as (more importantly) engagement with my students and the current moment.

When I got home all the kids were in a giggly mood. Emily learned to say, “Peekaboo” today, more or less missing the middle syllable but still recognizable, and started pulling her sleep sack over her face, and then giggling madly while she said “Peeboo” to appreciative clapping and laughter from us.


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