Long day, gym TV, twins’ interaction

While I am glad that I don’t teach lessons for over six hours with one very short break very often, today went surprisingly well. The lessons were all productive, and with food and tea supplied by Ted, I didn’t have an issue with energy level. Two of my students are going to share a recital at the end of the school year. They had partially overlapping lesson today so they could meet, and we could decide on a duet for them to play together. That was fun.

My sister and niece came over this afternoon, and with the exception of an impressive blow-up at the end, the cousin interaction went well. And even with the blow-up, there were good apologies after some conversation between daughters and mommies.

After they were gone and I’d eaten a bit, I went off to the gym, where I watched a real estate program during my cardio workout. It’s fun seeing other places (one of the programs was international), and other houses, and interesting to see other people’s wish lists and relationship dynamics. It reminds me of the Latin saying oft heard in my house when we were growing up: “De gustibus non disputandum est”, translated by my parents to mean, “There’s no accounting for other people’s tastes”. I see now that’s not quite right; it means, “There’s no arguing about taste,” which is more, ahem, charitable. Nonetheless, while the overall idea is so true, watching the real estate programs shows me how important context is in determining taste and preference. And that reinforces the value to be found in being happy with what you’ve got. It’s easy to long for something different, something more. But it seems like wanting more rarely ceases with acquisition. Obvious caveats apply: many people do not have enough to satisfy basic needs. But I find that when I get too attached to things, it generates a certain kind of restlessness which in the wrong mood or mindset I sometimes think can be solved with more things. And then I take a step back and count my blessings, which are many.

The twins have started to rough house with each other. Joanna has a slight size advantage, while Emily is more agile and faster. As Joanna has picked up speed and steadiness, though, she’s shown more resilience and attitude, though, which I enjoy.

There are blueberry-colored feline paw prints on the stove. It’s an adjustment having younger cats in the house. Though I must admit that leaving a sardine-flavored plate on the counter probably constitutes undue temptation.


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