Hazel-Mommy day, work-life balance

Hazel wanted to go to the zoo again today, on our Mommy-Hazel day. We went, and discovered that the animals had declared it a nap day at the zoo. The bears, the wolves, and the otters were all snoozing peacefully. We still had a nice time together, holding hands and meandering around. We went to the indoor play area, and had lunch at one of the cafeterias.

Then we went to the pool, where Hazel did a few blast-offs and showed me how she can go underwater now. The water is a pretty reasonable temperature there, but the air is SO COLD! After about half an hour I asked Hazel if we could get in the hot tub. While we were in it they got the rope swing out, but though it looked fun, I chickened out thinking of swinging through that cold air and freezing my butt off. One of these days, though, I’m going to do it!

Then we came home to make necklaces, only to discover we were missing necessary ingredients, like clasps. We’ll get some more and do it again. Hazel wants to make three for her cousin B, whom she calls her special person, the person she loves most in all the world.

After that we got out the Madsen and rode off to get ice cream. I had to walk a block or two, as I am royally out of shape for biking. But I want to keep trying, every week. With effort, I will improve. And Hazel likes talking to me as we ride, which is a big treat.

When we got back, Ted took the twins off to run an errand, and Hazel and I played a few rounds of “Sleeping Queens.” This evening there was snuggling and reading, so it was a full day of cozy Hazel-Mommy time. I told her at the zoo that I loved her and got the usual exasperated, “I KNOW Mommy! You tell me that all the time!”

The twins had too long of a nap today, so getting them down tonight was a bit tricky, but they’re all asleep now, and I can relax, watch a flick, and go to sleep. Tomorrow, 8 lessons with one 15 minute break! And then downtime. I think I’ll go to the gym, though I might get a chance to see my childhood friend with whom I recently reconnected through a fluke meeting between her and a student of mine at the symphony.

And then, decompression, quiet, and solitude.

“Laundry!” says my brain. “Vacuuming!” “Paperwork!”



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