Great day, bikes, sleep

I had the gift of a great day with my kids today. I had a chiropractic appointment this morning, to which I managed to make it only 5 minutes late. Hazel played so nicely with her sisters. Then we went to the zoo. We went a different way from usual, and today saw bears and wolves. The bears got in the water, which I’ve never seen them do. It was an exciting day at the zoo!

Hazel asked for quiet time rather than a nap, and since she’d done such a good job of listening and seemed to be holding her own, I agreed. She prepped the room while I was changing the twins’ diapers, and then came upstairs with me without too much complaint. Once I was ready with the twins, she went downstairs, and then once I was back down went happily into the yellow room to draw and read while I had quiet time out in the sunshine patch in the dining room. It was quite wonderful to be hanging out in the house, peacefully relaxing while one kid did likewise and two others slept.

After nap I put together a big snack pack, and we went to the park for a picnic. The twins are so much more independent than the last time I took them there (the way the schedule works out, their trips to that park tend to be with the nanny). I liked being able to hang back and watch them explore, with only a small amount of occasional intervention.

When we came home we met Ted on his way back from his workout, and spent more time outside, digging in our to-be-flattened-later mound of dirt in front. I also had a very helpful conversation with someone from a local bike shop. I think, after all, that instead of electrifying the Madsen, we’re probably just going to wait and get an Edgerunner in a few months. Outfitting the Madsen would cost about two-thirds what we’d spend on an Edgerunner, which is a much higher quality bike. It will last us a long time since the kids can sit on regular seats on the deck after they outgrow the toddler seats we’ll install, and it’s very stable with excellent brakes and a built-in electric assist. We’ll use the Madsen this summer, but just for jaunts with either Ted or me taking Hazel somewhere. We’re happy to have finally made a choice.

After that Ted took the kids shopping and I got some downtime, and then it was the usual dinner, bedtime routine. Hazel started having some trouble after dinner, but I remembered that she hadn’t had a nap. When we’ve transitioned away from a nap for her, she might have to start going to bed a bit earlier. She’s used to a lot of sleep, and I think she may need to get most of what she gets now, but just at night.

And now, Ted and I are going to go upstairs and watch an episode of “Downton Abbey”, our first in something like a year. Whee!


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