Links, Hazel gives my student a flower

I’m having trouble coming up with my own content today. So here are a few things I’ve read that I found compelling (and awful).

About the inherent flaws in BMI

About the recent Supreme Court decision

About the ways in which the FBI coordinated an attack on the Occupy movement

About the way the wealthy escape actual punishment for their crimes – e.g., the DuPont heir never going to prison for abusing his child


But now I feel bad for the above horribly depressing list, so here’s something else. This is the flower that Hazel gave to my student L tonight. She said, “If you do super good, I’ll give you a flower.” And so my student took it home, put it in a pretty bowl, and took a beautiful picture.

I love that Hazel is so comfortable with my students, and wants to see them and interact with them. I love being able to work at home, and to have some integration of my professional life with my personal life (with pretty strong boundaries, of course). I love the deeper sense of community that engenders.

flower Hazel gave to Laura


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