Playing at the park, playing “Sleeping Queens”, playing piano, writing

Today, because it was so beautiful outside, my nanny and I piled the twins into the car and we all went to pick Hazel up from school so we could go to a park all together before lunch. Hazel went straight for the merry-go-round, followed shortly by Emily, and soon after that, Joanna. And then, for about a half hour straight, Hazel pushed her little sisters on the merry-go-ground. She did a very good job of not going too fast, and keeping her eye on the twins to make sure they were holding on. It was excellent exercise for her, entertainment for us, and fun for the twins. A win-win-win.

This afternoon, after nap, Hazel and I played another game of “Sleeping Queens”. (I have been doing a bit of internal growling about yet another game which perpetuates sexist tropes, in this case the passive women who have to be awakened by men, but it’s not worth bringing Hazel down about it. It is nice to have a nanny who’s on the same page with me, though.) This time when she put a queen of mine to sleep I stuck my lower lip out and made a sad face, and Hazel said, “Don’t worry, Mommy, it’s ok. When you get a wand you can wake her up again.” And when I was ahead she didn’t get so upset. She talked about how much fun it was going to be to steal my queens when she got a Knight. I’m glad she wanted to play, and that the ups and downs of the game didn’t get her down.

At her piano lesson I apologized for two straight weeks of no practice, due to my serious illness and lack of ability to function above the minimal level. It was still a good lesson. She’s moving into playing two hands at once, and two notes in one hand at once. Very exciting.

Tonight I grabbed some dinner and then went to write. I’ve gotten all the scenes separated out now, done a little bit of editing, and moved into new scenes. I’m looking forward to the one that comes next. The germ of it is something that I thought of way back when I was still taking the course through which I met many of my writing friends. It’s part of the story of the main character’s paternal grandmother, and it’s quite fun. It will be a good challenge to retain its character (rather risqué) when presenting it as something that the protagonist hears from her grandmother. I am curious to find out how much the grandmother is willing to tell, and what she holds back. She is going to be forced to spill further beans later in the story.

I walked into the house to the delectable smell of collards and bacon. I am so happy that Ted and I have gotten to where we share the cooking pretty equitably. I love having a fridge stocked with meals we have both made.


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