Sick-leave, oops!, kids and pets

Next year (in terms of the academic calendar) Ted and I are going to try to set aside some sick-leave money for me, so that when I’m sick and would rather cancel lessons for the day, I can do it without incurring a financial penalty. Today I had five lessons scheduled. I was feeling sufficiently crappy that I cancelled the last one. As it turned out, teaching revitalized me (it does often do that), and by the middle of the second lesson I was feeling quite a bit better. Nonetheless, I think having the feeling of flexibility that paid-for sick time and vacation time can bring would be quite a nice thing, whether or not I used it.

Today I took Hazel to her swim lesson. My first clue should have been that there were plenty of available spots in the parking lot. My second clue should have been all the trucks in the parking lot, and unusual equipment. My third clue should have been the guy up on the roof, hosing it down. The pool was, as it turned out, still closed for its annual maintenance. And of course we’d been running late, and had pushed hard to get there, and really, I would have preferred to be in bed. It was that kind of day. grrr, argh.

Hazel has also been having a hard time lately, possibly because I’ve been sick and less available. At any rate, today she kicked Pepper, not hard, but deliberately. I had her go sit in the yellow room in timeout, and she didn’t protest. She knew that what she’d done was wrong. I also told her that it wasn’t right to keep cats in an unsafe environment, and so in order to have pets she had to treat them with care and respect. I think she heard and understood. I was not mad, just very serious.

The challenges, they just keep on coming. Whee!


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