Partnership, parenting while sick, sisters, twins, beauty

Let’s hear it for supportive partners! Ted took a half day off today so he could spell our nanny and give me the day to rest. I slept better last night, knowing that I wouldn’t have to get up and parent this morning. It makes such a huge difference. Last night Hazel asked me about my sore throat as I was roasting chicken & veggies, and baking some fish.

“Does it hurt to talk?”

Talk, talk, talk, questions, questions, questions. She is only 5 years old, after all. She wanted to help cook, and asked if she could peel the garlic. I said yes, and we passed a pretty enjoyable three-quarters of an hour together in the kitchen.

Nonetheless, not having to take care of anyone else when I feel like death warmed over certainly facilitates the healing process and makes it a lot less likely that I’ll have to offend my abraded throat tissues any further by talking.

I went to see my doc today. She did another quickie strep test, which came back negative. She’s sending off a swab for them to culture and grow out in the lab to make sure, because the quick test can produce false negatives. We decided against testing for mono, given that I still have sufficient energy to function (sort-of). She gave me a bottle of goldenseal, which fights both viral and bacterial infections, and told me to go sleep for two days if I could manage it. And so this afternoon I spent some time in a hot bath, and then snoozed. When I came back downstairs I gave in to temptation, and drank a few swallows of cider and ate a bag (a small bag) of Pirate’s Booty. Both of those are definitely off-program, so to speak, but when you’re sick sometimes you have to just coddle yourself. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. I augmented my self-indulgences with some Throat Coat tea, and am actually feeling somewhat better. Yay.


The twins play differently when it’s just the two of them, I’ve noticed. One thing they’re more likely to do is play hide and seek with each other. They toddle around after each other like two little inebriates, and giggle non-stop. Joanna is also starting to put up more of a fight when Emily wants to take something she has. I’m glad about that. Since she is starting to be able to move faster, she’ll turn her back and toddle off when Emily is reaching to grab the toy or other desired object she currently has in her possession.

Hazel has started playing the “I’m gonna get you!” game with her sisters, crawling around on the floor in pursuit of them. They giggle madly and try to get away, laughing all the time.

This afternoon when I’d come back from seeing the doctor there was a hard squall complete with driving rain and wind. It passed very quickly and was followed by beautiful sunlight and glistening trees. And Ted said, when we were doing highs and lows tonight, that he and Hazel saw three vivid rainbows this afternoon, the brightest he’d ever seen, complete all the way to blue. The world is full of many things, but one of them is beauty.


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