Zoo, the birds and the bees

We took the kids to the zoo this morning. The night was bad, and Ted offered to take care of the kids while I stayed home and rested, but being in bed made the headache worse, and I was feeling bored with that. So, we packed them up and went to see some animals. It was a good choice, since it was a nice day outside, and there are lots of places for the twins to get out of the stroller and run around. It is such a pleasure to see them explore, play, and giggle together.

We get our veggies box on Tuesdays, and we weren’t terribly organized this week with cooking, and so tonight I did the cook-it-all-now-before-it-goes-bad thing. We now have sautéed veggies, roasted veggies, steamed veggies. Tomorrow we’ll have roasted chicken and baked fish. We will have food. And then Hazel can continue to say, “I like the way they cook better than the way you and Daddy cook, Mama. Can we eat there?” [where there = anywhere else] *sigh*

Practicing the Brahms got my hand into an awkward position, and now I’m having a resurgence of left hand discomfort. bleah. I will go see my person about it soon.

The other day Hazel told me that she doesn’t want to have babies. I told her she doesn’t have to, and that it wasn’t something she’d need to think about for quite a number of years. Of course, that wasn’t sufficient. Inquiring minds want to know.

“How do you make sure you don’t?” Thank god I was driving and not looking straight at her. It gave me that necessary microsecond to gather my wits and remain calm. I told her there various ways, including something called an IUD that stays in your uterus as long as you don’t want to have a baby, but that if you change your mind your doctor can take it out.

Hazel: “But how do they take it out? Do they have to do surgery?”
Mommy: “No, it has a string, and they just pull it out.”
Hazel: “Does it hurt?”
Mommy: “No, not much. It’s just a bit uncomfortable.”
Hazel: “Oh, that’s good.”
Mommy: “Hey, look at that beautiful cherry tree!”
Hazel: “Yeah, that’s my favorite kind. Can we have a cherry tree, Mama?”


We try hard to balance real information with not too much information, and it’s almost always totally coming from left field and on the spot, so hard to prepare. I didn’t realize I’d be answering these questions now. But maybe that’s the take home for parenting: you never do realize. You have to keep on keeping on anyway.


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