family doc, Hazel’s 5-year, pregnancy pics, bedtime with kids

I love having a family doctor. We went in for Hazel’s 5-year well-child appointment, and we were also able to address what’s been going on with me, too. I got a Vitamin B shot, and we decided to draw some blood to test allergies. Cat allergies come in 4 classes, with 1 being the lightest and 4 being the worst. If it turns out that I’ve got a class 3 or 4 cat allergy, I think we’re going to have to give them away, because I can’t keep feeling this way. But if it’s a lighter allergy, there are things that can be done to support my system. I just want to know.

Of course, right now it’s not allergies that are getting me down. I have a cold, a horrible sore throat, etc. Bleah.

Hazel brought her doctor kit (thanks, grandpa G!) which was great, because there was something to keep the twins occupied. She also brought some stickers to give to her doctor, who accepted them happily. I do love that Hazel loves to give presents to people, and that they almost invariably accept them gracefully. Her favorite presents to give, so far, are flowers, buttons, and stickers.

Hazel is healthy, still in the 9th percentile for height, chugging along and growing beautifully. (I just mistyped the former, to say that she was growling beautifully. And she does that too.) She eats well, sleeps well, is active, engaged, and busy. The doc approved of my plan to gradually reduce the days on which she’s napping so that we won’t drop from 6 to 0 when kindergarten arrives.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to a friend’s house to take some pregnancy pics of her and her daughter. It was so different from what I usually do with my days, and so much fun to experiment. They are very photogenic, especially together. It was such a pleasure to see their close, loving relationship, and to have the opportunity to photograph it. When I was almost that far along, we did a professional session. That was an unexpected amount of fun, and I love having the pictures up around the house. It is a good reminder. I find them grounding, and something to celebrate. I enjoyed being able to provide something of that nature to my friend (though I am very far from being a pro photog, I do have a nice camera that does well in low light).

Hazel had been talking about how much she missed me in the evenings, so I’ve been coming home promptly from the place where I teach on Thursdays so I can see the kids right before they go to sleep. I got here on the dot last night. I love walking into their bedroom and seeing the twins’ faces looking up at me from Ted’s shoulder. The welcoming smile on a little one’s face warms the heart with joy. Poor Emily couldn’t nurse, because she was completely stuffed up, so I read to them for a bit after I nursed Joanna. It’s very centering to come home and love and hug my children.

Hazel told me that since I wasn’t feeling good I should go right to bed after I got them down. I said that I wanted to take a shower to help me unstuff my nose.

“Well, ok, so get us down, go take a shower, and then go to bed.”
Aye-aye, captain!


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