Being sick, kids not listening

I’m sick of being sick. I had several really good months health-wise, and then I got sick a month ago and it hasn’t let up since. It’s amazing what a difference it makes, how much harder it is to maintain an even mood and good communication with my kids, how much harder it is to motivate myself to do anything. I think Ted and I are going to institute emergency sleep procedures, and go back to sleeping as much as possible while the kids are asleep. Something’s got to change.

Today was a day when I wanted to yell at Hazel, “What part of the word ‘No’ do you not understand?” I didn’t. But I started putting her in timeouts for not listening, and that is something we just generally don’t do. And of course, the tighter I clamped down the less she listened. *sigh* Not a great day. Generally, she has been a good listener, and it’s frustrating to experience the opposite, again and again and again.

This afternoon I got to sit in my chair in the sunshine for a bit before a) it started hailing, and b) Emily woke up after sleeping for only a very short time. Even that little bit of sun was nice. Odd weather. The temperatures dropped in a way I associate with St. Louis, not out here.

Ok, not a scintillating post. Time to pack it up.


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