Prepping for Hazel’s 5th birthday party

Tomorrow is Hazel’s birthday party. I am going to do my best to NOT be rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off tomorrow morning. I reject that kind of stress. I abjure it. I scoff and thumb my nose in its general direction. I don’t want to live that way any more.

So, tonight I am going to vacuum (my histamine response has been getting totally out of hand, and is exhausting me), we’re going to do the dishes, and Ted’s going to take out the recycling. Having thus done the minimum to render our house semi-presentable for company, we are going to go to bed. I want to sleep as much of the time the kids are sleeping as possible.

Well, ok. We’ll also gather all the presents that have arrived for Hazel and put them out. And we’ll clear away clutter we don’t want to be bothered with sorting. But then, it’s time for sleep, which is sure to be interrupted tonight as we have a teething kid and a sick kid.

Tomorrow morning Hazel and I will prep the tuna fish sandwiches she wants to make for the party, cut up the veggies, and arrange the fruit. We’ll gather supplies (including face paint – she says she wants a rainbow kitty face tomorrow), put them where they need to be, and do a hopefully very small amount of last-minute prep.

This afternoon I did the errand-running, including the purchasing of our gifts for Hazel. When I got back, Ted took the twins to his workout (where he held them while he did lunges, just to increase the burn! – and because Joanna refused to be put down) while Hazel and I made her birthday cake. I latched the screen door and opened the back door so we could get some fresh air, and it immediately became a focal point of feline curiosity. Within ten minutes or so Jasmine was about 3.5 feet off the ground, clinging to the screen. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture, and she did not repeat her performance.

This evening Ted and I took the kids for a walk. Emily can keep up with us now when we’re going at an amble (as opposed to a very slow start-and-stop walk.) When we were getting close to the house, Hazel, as usual, asked me who I thought was going to get there first. I said, “Me,” and took off running. She was laughing and giggling right up until the moment that I allowed myself, for once, to beat her. Then she sat on the porch and had a fit. But one of the things kids have to learn in life is how to lose, and I’m not sure there’s ever a perfect time for an instance of that particular lesson.

Before bedtime I asked Hazel to clean up in the yellow room, and she did, without complaint. That’s one fewer job I have for tonight, so I’m grateful. After that, Ted took the twins upstairs and Hazel and I frosted her cake, which is now awaiting tomorrow’s eager inhalation in our refrigerator.

At bedtime I read to the twins as usual, and nursed them. My victory tonight was in getting Joanna to latch in a way that didn’t hurt me. She’s always had a tendency toward a too-shallow latch, and once she grew some teeth that became sometimes very painful. This evening I took her off and put her back on three or four times, and my persistence paid off; she accepted the new latch, nursed for ten minutes or so, and didn’t bite me. Progress is sweet.

Ok, off to wash dishes. Yippee!!


One thought on “Prepping for Hazel’s 5th birthday party

  1. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday, Hazel!

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