Look, there’s my sunshine!

What a marvelous day! Despite being up past 3 am last night (yikes!) I felt ok this morning. Ted took Hazel to school and I had a nice hour with the twins, reading to them, sharing my breakfast with them (as Ted likes to say, they’re hobbits who appreciate a second breakfast whenever it’s on offer), and spending some lovely time together. They were both, by and large, in really good moods, and there was a lot of giggling (on all our parts).

This blog post is getting parenthetical.

Anyway, a friend of mine came over at 10, and he and I took the twins out for a meandering walk which finished up at the car that Ted had left for me close to where he picks up the bus for work. It was a spectacular day, bright sunshine and warm enough to be comfortable in a shirt or light jacket. I hadn’t seen my friend in some time, and we had plenty to talk about. He’s got kids who are grown, and in fact he has grandchildren. He takes delight in my little ones, and of course that is very fun and sweet for me to see. He hadn’t met the twins yet. They took to him. When we got back to the house we took them for a walk on their feet (as opposed to in the stroller). We made it around to the bin of animal figures, and got to talk some more while the twins played and mooed and neighed and meowed.

When we got back to the house I showed him my new studio. Joanna made a beeline for the piano bench, soon followed by Emily, so I lifted them up and sat them next to each other. Between them, they made music with some interesting and appealing tone clusters. Joanna played a little scale fragment. They were both immensely engaged, pleased with themselves, and happy. We’ll definitely have to do that again.

Soon after my friend left, my nanny arrived. I went downstairs and practiced for a while, continuing on the work of accustoming myself to the new sound of my cello with the two lower strings tuned down a half step. I still find it discombobulating, which shows my how much my ear has relied on context for sense of pitch. So this is a very good exercise for me.

Then it was Hazel’s turn, and we got in her sixth practice of the week. As I told her in the car later, heading off for her lesson, we rock! I am proud of us both.

More often than not nowadays I get the kids down for their nap on my own, so it was a pleasure today to sing rounds with my nanny, who has a nice voice. I keep thinking I want to get that on tape for the kids’ later hearing.

Then, I got to go to the gym, and with almost 2.5 hours available I didn’t have to rush. Such a luxury these days.

And tonight, after Hazel’s piano lesson was over and I’d read her a book, I went to my Tuesday night writing group. I left at 9, with another 1000 words under my belt.

It’s an awesome day when I can hang with my kids, practice, work out, write, and experience the relaxation of enough time all in one day. The sunshine was an extra added bonus that put the kind of sparkle on the experience that only a dweller in a rainy part of the world can appreciate.

I am grateful.


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