Sushine, preschooler dramas, daylight savings time

Today there were, for us, torrential rains. There appeared a lake underneath our downspout, on the nice new temporary-solution gravel path leading back to the studio. I think we really need to dig a channel and put in drains to run the water back toward the alley. When? I have no idea. But, that item might climb high enough on our list to receive attention soon, given the amount of water we’re currently receiving from the atmosphere. But then there was sunshine. I was so happy that I decided to walk over to pick Hazel up from her friend’s house rather than driving the car less than a mile.

When I got there, her friend’s mom had a bowl of lollipops in her hand, and asked if she could give one to Hazel. That’s a faux pas: by the time the child has seen the candy, there’s pressure on to give her the candy. I am the MEAN MOTHER, and I said no. Hazel asked if she could save it for her birthday, and in an escalation of horrific parental cruelty, I said no again. I explained that we just don’t have candy in our family, that she’ll have cake and other treats on her birthday (which is coming up soon) but candy is just not something we eat. Hazel was officially not happy.

Then she discovered that I didn’t have the car, and that she would have to *walk* all the way home! Oh, the drama! That prompted a pretty royal fit, in which she sobbed and cried that I was walking too fast, that she wished she lived at her friend’s house and could follow their rules, that her ribs hurt, that her sock was falling down, that she didn’t want to walk home, that ….. To take care of myself, I started noting out loud the wonderful things I was seeing, like the blooming cherry trees, the blue sky, interesting aspects of the houses we were passing, and finally, a “Little Library”. That got her attention. She asked if she could get a book. I stopped and said I’d make her a deal that if she apologized for throwing a fit, asked politely, and then didn’t whine or throw another fit on the way home, she could borrow a book and we’d return the next time we walked home that way. She apologized, asked politely, and got better control of herself for the rest of the walk home. We were all happier.

Once we’d gotten home we went off to do an errand which gave me data in support of my previously untested theory that Home Depot overcharges: a 50 pound bag of gravel there costs twice what it does at a local garden store. Luckily, Ted arrived home just after we did, and we were able to carry the 90 pound bags from the garden store over to the path together. Teamwork!

Ted wasn’t feeling so hot this evening, so I took Hazel shopping after I taught my evening lessons and we did the evening’s piano practice. Those trips often start out fun but then degenerate into a series increasingly whiney asks for stuff. Tonight I started teaching Hazel a new skill, to acknowledge what she’s doing when what she’s doing is something I’ve asked her not to do (ask for more stuff after she’s gotten her item from Kids’ Club and her one item from anywhere in the store). I think she’s able to do that. We’ll try it and see.

Due to the evil effects of Daylight Savings Time, tonight Ted spent as long trying to put Emily down as I did at naptime, 25 minutes. He won! She is now asleep! This afternoon I lost. But who’s counting, anyway?


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