Sunshine! and brunch

There was sunshine today, and it was warm! Yippee!

This morning we had a plan, which became somewhat discombobulated upon Ted’s reminder by his phone that the time had changed. That hour I was going to spend prepping the brunch flew away on DST wings. He got the kids to soccer, though Hazel was late. I cleaned the house. But although I was rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off, I was happy. Sunshine, I thought. Sunshine! Sunshine!

Our friends came over. I made eggs, bacon, and pancakes. The twins engulfed whatever we put in front of them, and Hazel happily mixed blueberry and maple syrup, eating her eggs in order to acquire more syrup-holding pancakes. And all the time, there was sunshine on the table.

We went out for a walk. Since it was a lovely day, we went further than is really advisable with the wagon (should have brought the stroller), so we all got something of a workout, carrying twins, or pulling the wagon. At this moment it occurred to me that we lucked out big time, as we didn’t bring a diaper bag and thankfully had no need for one.

We talked about kids, games, travel, downtime, professions, avocations, and some past history (we haven’t seen each other in years). It was lovely.

This afternoon Ted and I transplanted our rhodie, and then a bit haphazardly rebuilt the hill it had been on. We snuck in a visit to Home Depot to get some gravel, and tomorrow I will spread it out to make a temporary but safer pathway to my studio. The grass my students have been walking on has been getting pretty muddy, slippery, and generally less than ideal. We’ll fix that now with the gravel, and then in the fall have a proper pathway built.

Tonight, we had Part The Second of our brunch. I made some more pancakes and cooked some sausages. We were both too tired to do anything more elaborate.

And now, I shall go feed the cats before they destroy the house.


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