Rain, rain, go away; cat allergies?!; piano practice; twins talking; Hazel joy

According to Ted, we’ve gotten the normal amount of rain for March in the first six days of the month. I am very tired of the rain. It’s harder to get everyone outside when it’s coming down like this, atypically hard for the Pacific Northwest. When all three kids are whining in that hyper/tired sort of way, I start wondering if gnawing off my leg would really be so bad.

Added to all this weather-joy, we’ve been passing a cold around. Right now Emily, Hazel and I all have it. Although, I am afraid that the reality is that I am allergic to cats. Ever since we got Jasmine and Pepper I’ve been using my inhaler and blowing my nose in a way I haven’t had to do for months. I’ve been resisting talking to the doc about it, hoping that it is just that I haven’t shaken the cold I got after the concert I played two weeks ago. I do not want to have to give up cats as pets.

On the bright side, after dinner we all went downstairs. Ted played with the kids while I practiced, further adapting to the different tuning of the cello for the Kodaly. And then Hazel and I practiced piano. We did two measures, and then she wanted to play the whole piece. She even practiced the measure in which she was playing a wrong note five times while I was packing up, without being asked. Method really impacts results, that is for sure. All effort is not equal. I am really loving see Hazel enjoy piano so much more now that we’re not trying to cram the weekly practice into a day or two. She reminds me that we need to practice, and we have fun when we do it together.

A further bright spot is the way Emily and Joanna are picking up words. I adore the serious look in Emily’s eyes when she stares straight at you and says, “Meow!”, or queries, “Meow?” I love hearing Joanna’s soft sweet voice when she says, “Uh oh!” after she drops something. I love how they know to shake their heads to say “No”. They are also both saying, “Dada” and meaning it. We’ll ask Emily, “Where’s Dada?” and she’ll either point to him or go over to him and poke him in the chest. Such delight.

Hazel and I went to the store together this morning. She held my hand and skipped as we walked to the door. And on the way back to return the cart after we were done, I let her ride in the cart and then gave her a piggy-back ride to the car. That was delightful too.


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