Saying yes, teamwork

Today Hazel started her new schedule, going to school on Thursday afternoons instead of Thursday mornings. She was so excited for the change, looking forward to seeing her friends whom she’s missed since they stopped going in the mornings and went to the Pre-K afternoons instead. We had a very enjoyable morning together, including a meandering walk through the neighborhood with the twins. We stopped off at a neighbor’s sandbox. They’ve got it covered over so cats won’t use it as a litter box, but the box & chairs & little animal figures are available for kids to play with. When the twins saw the box of toys, they wanted to open it, and Hazel asked if we could. I initially said no, sort of reflexively. Then I thought again, and said that we could, as long as we put them back when we were done. I want to attempt to remember to ask myself, when I think of saying an automatic no, “Whom would this hurt?”, and “What would be great about saying yes?” to help me get past my default worry/control issues.

My nanny and I got the twins down for a nap after I dropped Hazel off at school. It was absurdly easy, as they both fell asleep while nursing and then didn’t wake up when I took them off. I just laid them both on the bed and that was that. The nice thing about that was that she and I got some time to talk about scheduling, both immediate and further out. That was productive. We’re going to be stepping down the number of hours we use nanny care as Hazel heads off to kindergarten, and then the twins enter preschool four months later. Figuring out that transition so that it happens in a way that takes care of everyone’s needs requires a bit of planning and work, as well as communication. It’s a real gift to have solid and mutually respectful working relationships so we can do that as a team.


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