Birthday smoothies, unconscious sexism, Mommy-Hazel time

Today we shared birthday smoothies with my friend A, whose shares a birthday month with Hazel. We had a lovely time hanging out, watching the kids and cats play. That was a fantastic way to have a relaxed, sociable morning. After our friends left, our nanny took the twins so that Hazel and I could have a bit of time together. She’s been wanting a picture of her sisters and the cats to take to school, so we designed a little Word doc poster with the four pictures on it. That was a fun thing to do together.

Then we went off to her swim lesson, where I externalized the thoughts I had upon hearing the (substitute) teacher ask each little boy which superhero he wanted to be, and each little girl which princess she wanted to be before jumping into the water. I had subsequent conversation with a couple of the other mothers there. On the way out, I suggested to the (nice) guy at the desk that perhaps the teachers could ask the girls what superheroes they wanted to be, and not restrict them to princesses. He smiled genuinely, said it was a good idea, and that he would pass it along. Micro-aggression number 5 billion, countered with, I think reasonableness and politeness. I’ll dust off my feminist cape and get it ready to fly again tomorrow.

When we got home I shared some lunch with Hazel, and read her a couple of books before sending her upstairs to take a nap. And after I finished teaching tonight, Hazel and I took some time to do piano practice. She reminded me. We picked two measures to work on, and when we finished those she wanted to play through the whole piece. I think practicing every day will help immensely. Yes, I know. As a private music teacher I already knew that. But it’s always nice to have one’s parental theory born out in practice, so to speak.

The sun shone today, and we reveled in it. The twins toddled around in front of our house, and Hazel climbed a tree. Spring cometh!


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