journaling in character, practicing Kodaly, house-work

Tonight I got my first evening off to write in a long time. I wasn’t feeling too hot, but toddled off to the coffee shop anyway. And I had a great time. It was wonderful to see my friends, and I wrote quite a bit, several hundred words. In this diary entry I explored my character’s mounting desire to tell her secrets, as well as some of the fears and resistance she has to doing so. As almost always happens, the story developed as I wrote and I discovered aspects of her feelings as well as plot points I hadn’t realized were there. That was satisfying. I have been trying hard during this process of journaling as my character to let go of worrying about either the quality of the writing or consistency of the plot. That has been helpful. At some point (probably pretty soon) I will start going through the document I’ve been creating and highlighting the places where a scene, thought, feeling, or sentence rings true. I think that after I’ve done some of that a shape will emerge, a story direction. In the meantime, I’m exploring.

I have started working on the Kodaly solo cello sonata. It involves tuning the G string down to an F# and the C string down to a B. It is quite disconcerting. Because the F# is now so resonant, it feels like a G instead of an F#. The notes on the two lower strings are not written as they sound, but in the position they would be if the cello was tuned in fifths as usual. And so when I play, what I hear is not what I see. I know that I will adapt to the new sound and feel, but in the meantime it’s making me go, “huh?” a lot. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable challenge. And it’s wonderful, passionate music. I am looking forward to digging in.

This morning Ted needed the rental car (our Volvo has been at the shop getting the body work done to fix it after it was rear-ended in November) to get to an early meeting. Consequently, we had no easy way to get Hazel to school. So we played up the Hazel-is-sick angle and allowed her to stay home from school and watch her insect documentary. This worked rather better than telling her she couldn’t go to school because Daddy needed the car. Not entirely straightforward, ahem, but that way everyone was happy. And Hazel has been having a hard time lately, missing me and feeling under the weather. This way she got some TLC, and a chance to down some Thayer’s throat lozenges. She knew and we knew that she wasn’t *that* sick, but we all enjoyed the collusion.

I also got some time this afternoon to cook, for the first time in weeks. I made “everything soup”, in which I tossed all the remaining veggies in the pot with some chicken stock. I also baked the yams we had left over. Now, with the arrival of our weekly veggie box and Ted’s shopping expedition this evening we have fresh ingredients, but we also have food in the house.

I also sent off a box of clothes to a friend of mine whose wife just had twins. Ted and I share fellow-feeling with other parents of twins, and it felt good to do what we could to help them out. We remember.

So, a productive and satisfying day.


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